Admissions & Registration

Barukh Haba

Shalom, talmid/ah! Thank you for exploring and/or choosing MJR!

Tuition Information
See the yeshiva comparison page to measure against other similar institutions

  • Application fee: $25 (only applies to Semikha Examination course)
  • Cost per course: $140 ($125 for Semikha Examination)
  • Scholarships: Up to 50% can be covered by in-house MJR grants based on need
  • Payment plans are available (payment options conveniently located on each course page)

Programs Offered
See the program page for specific requirements

  • Practical Rabbinics (63 credit hours)
  • Biblical Studies (63 credit hours)
  • Biblical Languages (45 credit hours)
  • Ancient Languages (33 credit hours)
  • Jewish Studies (33 credit hours)
  • Cantorial Arts/Chazzan (21 credit hours)
  • Personal Enrichment (all courses available except RAB-490)

Semikha Examination
See the Semikha Program page for details

  • RAB-490 Semikha Examination can be selected as the culmination of any program to submit the rabbinical ordination exams to the review panel.
  • RAB-490 Semikha Examination may also be taken without any other MJR coursework for those already equipped for rabbinical ordination.
Semikha Candidate Application

Special Needs Students

Special Needs students are welcomed at MJR! MJR does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, or special needs. We operate in compliance with Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If special needs students from outside the U.S. enroll, we will follow the applicable laws of their countries as well. We are committed to making reasonable accommodation for students with special needs (whether documented or not) upon request.

Enrollment Process

As of January 1st, 2017: NEW POLICY

The formal application process including recommendation letters and essays) applies only to one course: Semikha Examination. For all other courses, simply click on the link(s) of the course(s) you want and sign up. Begin when ready, and go at your own pace (though faculty-recommended pace is suggested).

Non-Semikha Adults Homeschoolers