HomeschoolingThere has been over the past three or so decades a growing trend of homeschooled high school students enrolling in college courses while still working on their diplomas. We encourage this and actively participate. We offer non-semikha registration to anyone wishing to take personal enrichment courses, and we welcome high school students (including those of high school age/achievement who are homeschooled) in that vein of our programming as well.

To register in courses without enrolling in the semikhah (ordination) program, you may submit the following to, or print the form and submit it to your professor.

  • full name as you wish it to appear on official documents
  • mailing address of student
  • email address of student
  • date of birth
  • If a minor, name(s) and contact information of parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • An electronic or printed photo (headshot) to be used on student ID card

All courses run 12 modules (designed to run 12 weeks) and are $140 apiece. The $25 application fee is waived for non-semikha students, including homeschooled students. With the student’s first course comes a hologram-protected student photo ID card.

Barukh haba (Welcome)!