Yeshiva Comparison

Which Messianic yeshiva program is right for you?

MJR wants you to find the program that fits you best, even if it’s not with us. For that reason, we provide links to other Messianic yeshiva programs as well as some of the data we have been able to glean re: their programs (updated May 2016). Whether you study with us or study somewhere else, may your studies be fruitful!

MJR transparent logoMessianic Jewish Rabbinate
MJTI logo
Messianic Jewish Theological Institute
SHUVU logo
IAMCS logo
Int’l Alliance of Messianic Congregations & Synagogues
$140/course $700/course $1500/segment $675 + $50/live-course at conferences
 auditing fee $140/course $550/course $1500/segment $45/course
application fee n/a $50 one time n/a $20 one time
registration fee n/a $75 one time
($35 early reg.)
n/a n/a
length of program 7-21 courses depending on program* MJS = 54 credits
Cert.= 5 courses
 9 courses per segment (x4) 8 courses
theological leaning TOGI BLE (UMJC)  HR BLE (MJAA)
faculty 4 + guest lecturers 8 3 ?
established 5760 (2000) 5757 (1997) 5774 (2014) 5746 (1986)

*MJR does give “transfer credit” to students who have similar courses on their transcript or who test out of an area our courses cover.

What is the difference between TOGI & BLE?