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Advisory & Support

  • Hashem
  • David R. Grate, Th.D., M.Div., MS.Ed.
  • Christina Oakes, Course Developer & Researcher


MJR has a 3-tier faculty. Instructors who hold a graduate degree are full Professors, while those with an undergraduate degree are Associate Professors and those who teach without formal education (but have been deemed suitable based on halakha,  life experience, and depth of informal study) are Morim (Instructors). There is no difference in pay scale, but academic tradition recognizes level of study by differentiation in the honorific. 

*Several faculty positions are currently available.

Guest Lecturers

MJR offers a few courses taught by professors at other institutions via pre-recorded lecture series. These are offered at the host institution’s tuition rate. The lecturers on this list are well-esteemed in their respective fields.

  • Steven C. Hallam. Ph.D. (Syriac)
    Chair of the General Education Department
    Alaska Christian College
    Soldotna, Alaska
  • Oded Lipschits, Ph.D. (Jewish History)
    Director, Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology
    Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Asher Susser, Ph.D. (Modern Middle East Studies)
    Senior Research Fellow, Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
    Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Miles Van Pelt, Ph.D. (Aramaic)
    Professor of Biblical Languages
    Reformed Theological Seminary
    Jackson, Memphis, & Brazil
  • Michael Williams, Ph.D. (Ugaritic)
    Professor of Old Testament
    Calvin Theological Seminary
    Grand Rapids, Michigan