Non-Semikha Registration


To register in courses without enrolling in the semikhah (ordination) program, you may submit the following to, or print the form and submit it to your professor.

  • full name as you wish it to appear on official documents
  • mailing address of student
  • email address of student
  • date of birth
  • If a minor, name(s) and contact information of parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • An electronic or printed photo (headshot) to be used on student ID card

You must also submit to two (2) recommendation letters.

  • The first may be from anyone who knows you and your personal halakha well (non-relative preferred).
  • The second should be a letter from your spouse or another close relative. If student is a minor, this should be from his/her parent or guardian.

Letters must contain the referent’s contact information.

Application fee is waived for non-semikha students. Payment of $140/course (refundable only if program is dropped prior to completion and within 14 days of receipt) must be submitted to the professor or via paypal to account (listed below) prior to the start of the course unless payment arrangements are made.

paypal account:

Courses available for the present term are those on the Course Offerings page which contain links to their syllabi.