Semikhah Process

To enroll in the semikhah (ordination) program, you must submit the following via the contact form:

  • 1500-2000 word essay on why you are seeking a Messianic semikhah.
  • Transcript of any coursework completed in Messianic Rabbinics or Messianic Jewish Studies.  Also include coursework completed at mainstream Jewish or Christian institutions, as this may be deemed of value as well and considered in our decision.  Note: if no formal education in this area has been completed, we can offer unaccredited courses to you toward this end at $140/3-credit course or direct you to accredited courses (which could run anywhere from $450-$1000+/course).
  • The following information:  [1] full name as you wish it to appear on card and documents, [2] date of birth, [3] ordination title sought (zaqen/elder, shammash/deacon, madrikh/teacher, family or youth pastor, worship pastor), [4] requested dates for examination (provide at least two, as exams 1-5 will be handled separately from exams 6-7).
  • An electronic or printed photo (headshot) to be used on your photo credentials ID card (issued upon successful completion).

You must also have sent to 3 recommendation letters. One should be either from a/the religious leader  of your home congregation or from your ministry supervisor if actively involved in a ministry.  The second may be from anyone who knows you and your personal halakha well (non-relative preferred). The last should be a letter from your spouse or another close relative. Letters must contain the referent’s contact information.

You will be provided with payment instructions upon receipt of your email.  The fees at this time are as follows:

    • $25 non-refundable application and materials fee made payable to your supervising rabbi.
    • $100 examination fee (refundable only if program is dropped prior to completion and within 14 days of receipt), payable to your supervising rabbi. This includes some costs which may be waived.  Consult your supervising rabbi on this.

Alternatively, you may pay via paypal

 Both the application fee and the examination fee can be paid at to:

All 7 exams must be passed at 80% or higher for semikhah to be granted.  The process will involve examinations in 8 areas:

  1. Israelology (Israel)
  2. Machsiachology (Messiah)
  3. Qadoshology (Torah)
  4. Qahalology (Congregational Polity)
  5. Yeshuology (Sin/Salvation)
  6. Response to Heretical Teachings
  7. Rabbinical Competencies (including Biblical Hebrew)*
  8. Personal Halakha

*Biblical Hebrew portion only applicable for titles of Rebbe, Rabbi, and Rabban.  For Reverend, Pastor, or Teacher titles, knowledge of Hebrew, though optimal, is not required.

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