Submission Standards

MJR Press

הוֹצָאָה לְאוֹר

When submitting a work for publication/review, please format according to the following standards:

  • Formatting Standards: Body
    • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word,  Open Office, or Google docs format (not Mac Pages, etc.)
    • Submissions should be formatted according to the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), available from University of Chicago Press.
    • Please use footnotes, not endnotes, for citations, again in CMOS format.
    • Please use inline citation for identification of passages from the Bible and/or Rabbinic literature, using standard Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) abbreviations.
    • Please be consistent with any transliteration, using the same style throughout with the exception of direct quotations from other works.
    • Transliterations and words from foreign languages using Roman lettering should be italicized wherever they occur.
  • Font Standards
    • Use whatever font face is desired for the actual publication, but if it is a non-standard font, this must be provided to us at
    • Font size should be 12-point or 14-point for the body, 10-point for footnotes, and 11-point or 12-point for any Indices.
    • For foreign language fonts, be consistent throughout the work – selecting only one font per language. If the selected font is not standard SBL or BST, it must be provided to the publisher.
  • Header/Footer Standards
    • Pages should be numbered on the bottom of the page.
    • The header should contain any text the author wishes to appear at the top of each page in the book. This can change chapter by chapter if desired, e.g. book title on odd pages and chapter title on even pages. Author does not have to format this into the submission document; it can be indicated by way of description in the submission email.
  • Bibliography Standards
    • Authors must provide either a Works Cited listing or a Works Consulted listing if any outside sources are used in the composition of the submitted work.
    • Format must be according to the most recent edition of CMOS.
    • Primary Works, if applicable, should be listed first, followed by Secondary Works, with a separate heading (bold, centered) for each.
  • Illustration/Photo Standards
    • If using illustrations or photos in the submitted work, please indicate whether they are intended to be displayed in the book in color or in greyscale.
    • All images must be at least 300 dpi resolution.
    • Please do not enlarge an image beyond its native size.
    • Please do not use copyright-protected images without obtaining and providing proof of permission from the copyright holder.
    • Images must be accompanied by a statement of origin, e.g. “British Museum collection X, artifact number X, housed at British Museum, London.”
    • If author is submitting their own cover art, these same standards apply to that as well.
  • Permissions
    • Proof of permissions for any images or Bible translations used, as well as for any works drawn from beyond what is permitted under Fair Use, must be provided to the publisher along with the manuscript submission.

Alternatively: authors can choose to build their work in an amazon createspace template to be published exactly as submitted. These can be downloaded from amazon’s createspace website.

Nota bene: MJR Press reserves the right to edit any work bearing our imprint(s) as deemed necessary, including both spelling/grammar correction and content correction (whether by broad edit or inclusion of a footnote). A final proof will be sent to the original author for final approval before anything goes to press.

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