MJR Press

MJR Press

MJR Press is the niche publishing branch of MJR. Do you have a book brewing in you? We welcome both scholarly and popular-level submissions on Jewish thought, Jewish practice, Jewish history, Jewish music… basically anything Jewish.

You can even hire us to help prep your book for publication. We can offer formatting, proofreading, editing, acquisition of a Library of Congress control number, cover design, publication under our imprint (MJR Press for most titles; Yiddishkeit 101 for children’s books), and placement with amazon print-on-demand service. For pricing or to submit a book proposal, contact publishing@mjrabbinate.org. Please format any submissions according to our submission standards, and indicate which category/series your submission best fits:

  • Bible
    (includes Parashot & Haftorot studies, commentaries, & original midrash)
  • Rabbinical Literature
    (introductions, commentaries, monographs, tutorials, etc.)
  • Halakha
  • Prayer/Liturgy
  • History/Biography
  • Hebrew & Cognate Languages
  • Classic Reprint Series: Judaica & Hebraica

We will soon be publishing some exclusive publications that we are really excited about, including the following projects:

  • A new siddur geared toward those who are new to Jewish worship, packed with not only the traditional liturgical elements which makes Judaism Jewish, but also descriptions, explanations, and instructions for the new initiate. It will also feature sample menus for Shabbat and the moedim including recipes. We believe this will be a one-of-a-kind siddur that will bless your family, no matter how far along you are in your Jewish journey.
  • A short book introducing the Sages who most influenced First-Century Judaisms and examining where they were in agreement and where they were not in order to paint a picture of the Jewish landscape in what was certainly Judaim’s “creative phase.” This work by our very own Prof. Brian Tice will be out in May 2017!
  • Introducing our new MJR Classic Reprints Judaica & Hebraica series! The first title will be Granville Sharp’s A Letter respecting some Particularities of the Hebrew Syntax (1803) with a new introduction and an annotated bibliography of the works he cites. Available now on amazon: http://amzn.to/2oAVeem.

הוֹצָאָה לְאוֹר

in order that light may be brought forth