MJR Yeshiva is Live!

MJR has launched eleven courses for the summer with more in development! Enroll now in any of the following at just $140/12-week course:

  • ARAM-101 Biblical (OT) Aramaic
  • BIB-101 Tanakh (OT) Survey
  • BIB-110 Bible Exegesis – Torah
  • BIB-201 Bible Exegesis – Early Prophets
  • BIB-220 Bible Exegesis – Wisdom & Poetry
  • BIB-420 Bible Exegesis – Romans
  • HEB-101 Biblical Hebrew I
  • HEB-310 Advanced Hebrew Exegesis – Torah
  • LAN-101 Sociolinguistics
  • LAN-230 Ancient Ugaritic
  • RAB-490 Semikha Examination

Also, for those new to Messianic Judaism, we are offering for free:

And, coming very soon…

  • BIB-105 Messianic Apologetics
  • BIB-210 Bible Exegesis – Latter Prophets
  • BIB-401 Paul in Proper Perspective
  • BIB-410 Bible Exegesis – Hebrews
  • BIB-420 Bible Exegesis – Romans
  • GRK-101 Koine Greek I
  • GRK-201 Koine Greek II
  • GRK-301 Greek Semantic Analysis I
  • GRK-401 Greek Semantic Analysis II
  • HEB-201 Biblical Hebrew II
  • HEB-301 Intermediate Hebrew (coming in September 2016)
  • IMJ-091 Intro to Messianic Judaism
  • RAB-230 Counseling Strategies for the Spiritual Battlefront

4 thoughts on “MJR Yeshiva is Live!

      1. Boker Tov ! Where do i visit on site, to start the Hebrew class? I went to the Hebrew classes
        listed, i overlooked how to start.
        Todah!! 🙂


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