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Administration & Faculty Core Beliefs

Messianic Jewish Rabbinate was founded in 5760 (i.e. 2000) for the purpose of examining and ordaining persons with a strong Biblical understanding of Torah, Faith, and Halakha as Messianic rabbis.

We lament that so many teaching under the Messianic umbrella are teaching heresies and presenting false messiahs, gnosticism, and general craziness; and, it is our directive to counter this wave of embarrassments with teachers who know Torah and teach what it teaches, know Messiah and teach what He teaches, and hold those accountable who do not.

Our seal (below) is an emblem of an olive tree, recalling Sha’ul’s analogy of the Body of Messiah from Romans 9-11. The Olive Tree is comprised of both natural (Jewish) branches and wild (grafted-in Gentile) branches, both rooted in the foundation of Torah (the Living Torah being Messiah Yeshua) and both bearing fruit (the product of obedience to Torah).

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2 thoughts on “About MJR

  1. Hello Rabbi,

    I would love to take some of your classes.
    You say you need 2 letters from people who know me. I am trying to figure out what these letters need to say.


    Lisa Cowart


    1. We are looking for learners who will commit to putting in the necessary effort to contribute to their own learning, and we also try to safeguard against “trolls” who come into courses just to promote an anti-Messianic agenda… so verification of the applicant’s halakha is helpful. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the courses!


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